If you have an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network stored on an exchange like Coinbase and you want to move it to your Linen Wallet on Polygon, you can follow these steps:

Deposit Assets to Crypto.com

Download the Crypto.com app and submit the required documents to set up your account and pass KYC (identity verification)

In the Home section of the app, click on Transfer

Now click on Deposit

Now click on Crypto

Search for the crypto you want to deposit and click on it—in our case, it's Matic

Now select the network (ERC20, if you want to receive assets on the Ethereum Network), copy the wallet address, and send your assets to this address from the exchange/wallet where you store your ethereum assets

Withdraw Assets to Your Linen Wallet

First of all, let's open our Linen Wallet. In the Profile section, click on Polygon Wallet Address to copy it

Open the Crypto.com app, go to the Home section of the app, and click on Transfer again

Now click on Withdraw

Click on External Wallet

Click on Add Wallet Address

Select the token you want to withdraw—in our case it's Matic

Select the Polygon network, paste your Polygon Linen Wallet address and give a name to this wallet. Then click on Continue

As you can see, our Polygon Linen Wallet address is now available for withdrawal. However, we need to wait 24 hours for security reasons before Crypto.com allows us to withdraw

After 24 hours, we can finally withdraw the assets to our Linen Wallet. Let's click on Withdraw Matic

Input the amount to withdraw and click on withdraw

After submitting 2FA, preview your request and click on Confirm

You will see a confirmation request like the one below

After a few minutes, you will see the assets in your Linen Wallet and can check the transaction in the Activity section

Assets Not Supported For Withdrawal to Polygon Wallets

It might happen that the asset you want to withdraw to your Polygon wallet is not supported for withdrawal by Crypto.com. For example, Crypto.com doesn't support DAI withdrawal to a Polygon wallet yet (as depicted below)

In this case, you need to trade DAI for another one that you can withdraw to a Polygon wallet. So let's exchange our DAI for some USDC. Open the Crypto.com app, go to the Home section and click on Trade

Click on Sell

Select the token to trade—in our case it's DAI

Input the amount to trade, select the token to exchange DAI for, and then click on Sell. (In our case, I've chosen USDC since Crypto.com supports USDC to most blockchains)

Preview your trade and then click on Confirm

Now that you've sold your DAI for an asset available for withdrawal, you can follow the steps outlined above to withdraw your new assets to Linen Wallet

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