Keep your Linen Wallet Recovery Kit secure

Linen has no access to the funds or assets in your self-custody Linen Wallet. Only you can access them. The Linen Wallet Recovery Kit is the only way to access your assets if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged or if you reinstall the Linen Wallet app.

To use the Linen Wallet Recovery Kit, you need access to:

• Your email address provided and confirmed during registration

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• Your phone number provided and confirmed during registration

• The backup file saved to your iCloud or Google Drive associated with the Apple ID or Google Account used when you set up your wallet. The backup file on its own is not enough to regain access to your wallet.

To recover your Linen Wallet, please download the Linen Wallet app from the Apple App Store, launch the app, and use the Recover Wallet option from the main screen.

Learn about the Linen Wallet security model.

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