iOS devices

Your unique access phrase is generated and stored on your mobile device and only you have access to it in case you need to recover your wallet on a new device. Linen App enables you to backup your unique access phrase to Appleā€™s iCloud Keychain so that you can restore your wallet on a new device that has Linen App installed or on any wallet that supports Ethereum-based digital assets, such as USDC. You are responsible for not deleting your iCloud Keychain, and we encourage you to have additional backups. Needless to say, keep your Apple ID password secure. In the future, we will introduce additional backup methods so that you have a choice or can use multiple methods.

Android devices (waitlist-only version)

The Android version of Linen App uses Google Smart Lock to backup access to Linen App. Prior to releasing a fully functioning version of the Android app, we will update you on how we handle backing up access to funds.

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