Please connect your personal checking account because some savings and investment accounts have a limitation on how many transfers out you can do per month. Also, you may not be able to connect them at all. 

Occasionally, you may run into difficulties connecting your bank/credit union account to Linen App. This may happen for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. You’re entering incorrect signin information. Double-check by going directly to your bank’s website or app and enter the username and password there to make sure it works. You will be prompted to enter the username and password using a widget provided by our account authentication provider Plaid. Linen App never has access to your bank username or password. However, your username and password are needed for Plaid to obtain certain bank account information required by our identity verification and payments provider Wyre Payments.

  2. You may have multi-factor authentication (MFA) set up with your bank, or additional identity verification is required by your bank. Our account aggregator provider Plaid does not support this, and we will not be able to connect to these accounts. Turning off MFA can often help resolve a lost connection.

  3. Technical difficulties may have occurred with our identity verification and payments provider Wyre Payments that connects to your bank to verify identity.  

  4. Your bank is temporarily experiencing connection issues. Some banks maintain their connections better than others. 

If you still can not connect you bank account, please reach out to us using in app chat or email at and we will provide you with the ability to manually link using account numbers. Manual account linking will allow you to complete registration and be placed on the waiting list. However, it can not be used to get early access to Linen App or for payments at this time.

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