Members of Linen App supply digital cash (USDC) to the Compound liquidity pool. Loans, borrowed from the Compound liquidity pool, are overcollateralized (115-150% of the loan value) by digital assets (cryptocurrency) and monitored by third-parties for liquidation in real-time. Supplying assets to the Compound liquidity pool using Linen App involves risk, and you may lose assets by accessing these pools through the Linen mobile app. Historical interest rates on supplying digital assets (digital dollar, stablecoin USDC) to the Compound protocol is not an indicator that these rates will be available in the future.

Linen App is a software and service developed by Linen Mobile, Inc. Linen Mobile, Inc. is not a bank, and digital cash (digital dollar USDC) you supply into the Compound liquidity pool using the Linen mobile app will not be stored at a bank. Your assets (digital dollar, stablecoin USDC) are NOT insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other federal, state, or local agency.

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